Housing research, case studies and reports from outside the UK

This page holds our embryonic library of reports on or about how other countries are responding to the issues of under supply and the related social and economic consequences of this. It also provides some links to relevant non-UK institutions. Whilst the Editorial Panel develops mechanisms for capturing new international work and how to assess it, all reports that have been brought to our attention will be held here and given a headline introduction. Reference will be made if a report is not in English. With thanks to Anthony Breach from Centre for Cities for initial advice and also to Professors Greg Clark and Mark Stephens.

International Reports

Shaping Futures: Changing the Housing Story, Summary Report

March 2020

Reports on the Shaping Futures program, a knowledge exchange and policy analysis initiative spanning Australia, Britain and Canada, which explored the conventional housing policy narratives that have dominated government thinking in those countries.


February 2020

The EU-SILC Portal on EC website provides information on housing with limited but useful function to allow user manipulation of data for simple cross-tabs.