The 2017 Reports

This page holds reports placed on the site in 2017.  Our Ed Panel will assess each new report.  Those that they consider have the greatest chance of influencing policy makers are shown in the 'must read' section at the top of the page.  The Ed Panel aims to have about a dozen reports listed in this section by the end of the year and those reports that have made way for more highly ranked ones are listed in a 'highly commended' section.   Useful factual data from some reports is included in the 'Bite size facts' drop down menu.  To read Ed Panel commentary on reports see the Articles drop down menu.  The statistics button links to annual statistical and Government publications at the bottom of the page. The home page also holds a selection of the most recently published reports and you can use the search function to find specific areas of interest. The date of the report is the site date which usually coincides with the publication date, but not always.

Must Read

Selected by our editorial panel as being the most important publications.

Further Reports

London quality of life indicators report 2017

London quality of life indicators report 2017

London Sustainable development commission December 2017

The report is the fifth in a series of Quality of Life Indicators reports, and the first by the new-look LSDC. As well as enumerating the many ways in which London is making progress, the report also highlights the environmental, social and economic challenges that our city continues to face – both within housing policy, and beyond. We know that the challenges and opportunities involved in making a truly sustainable world city require a collective response. We also believe that the nature of that response needs to be guided by the best available evidence. We therefore hope that you will find the data presented in the report useful in guiding your own contributions to this response, and we would be very interested to hear from you about your experience in doing so. Indeed, your feedback will help inform future iterations of the Quality of Life Indicators – which we intend to update on a regular basis – in ways that are most useful for all users. We hope in future to be better able to quantify what is emerging at the borough level and in doing so enable further comparisons of the progress that is being made towards sustainable development in finer detail across the capital. This report is just the beginning of the conversation that the refreshed LSDC looks forward to having with you and others about making London an exemplar of big city sustainability. We would welcome any of your reflections and feedback on its contents and how future iterations could build upon this version. We would, for instance, be interested in exploring the incorporation of circular economy indicators into future versions. We look forward to talking more with you soon.