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 This page holds reports received in 2017. Our Ed Panel assessed each report and have highlighted in the first section those that they consider have the greatest chance of influencing policy makers. Reports in the main section of that have been assessed by the Ed Panel are marked with a tick below the summary. If a report has a small pen+pad below it this means that the Ed Panel will have also written a short review about the report. Useful factual data from some reports is included in the 'Bite size facts' drop down menu. To read Ed Panel commentary on other reports see the Blogs drop down menu. You can use the category drop down menu or search function to find specific areas of interest. At the bottom of this page annual statistical and Government publications are shown. To view each report click on the front cover.

2017 Reports selected by the Ed Panel


NAO report for DCLG

A detailed analysis of causes and costs of homelessness and the Government’s response.

Two briefings published in 2017 from the Crook Public Service Fellows on homelessness can be found here.

Reimagine housing

KPMG, Daniel Ajegbo, Elise Bailey, Frances Gallagher, John Raines, August 2017

A radical rethink of the incentives that stop the elderly selling their large homes to avoid care costs. Proposes sharing the sale proceeds to give incentives to move and for providers to create attractive care alternatives. 

halfway house: the opportunities and limits of devo-housing in England

Paul Hunter, The Smith Institute, April 2017.

Looks in detail at the combined authority metro mayor devolution deals and asks whether they will make a significant difference to, what it calls, the city region housing crisis.

What more can be done to build the homes we need?

IPPR; Sir Michael Lyons, Luke Murphy, Charlotte Snelling, Caroline Green, June 2017

A detailed analysis of improving house (and other buildings) design and supply for the benefit of disabled people.

Domestic abuse and housing:international practice and perspectives

Gudrun Burnet, May 2017

Takes an international perspective on how domestic abuse in the context of different housing models.

Housing First; Housing-led solutions to rough sleeping and homelessness

CSJ: Brooks Newmark and others, March 2017

This report provides analysis to support a series of recommendations to reduce rough sleeping and homelessness.

Lesson from Germany, tenant power in the rental market

IPPR, Bill Davies, Charlotte Snelling, Ed Turner, Susanne Marquardt, January 2017

Looks at how the PRS differs between the UK and Germany.

Tackling poverty through housing and planning policy in city regions

JRF, Richard Crisp, Ian Cole, Will Eadson, Ed Ferrari, Ryan Powell and Aiden While, March 2017.

The report argues that the City Regions (LEPS, Mayors, LAs) have limited appetite but could do more to increase the supply of social housing and improve the quality of in the private rented sector.

A National Housing Fund to Build the Homes We need

ResPublica, Phillip Blond, Philip Callon & Edward Douglas, July 2017

This report calls for a £100bn housing fund, utilising government borrowing capacity and housing associations property management expertise, to build 40,000 homes pa.

Building Bridges

Altair, Arch, Vivid and CIH, written by Ross Fraser, John Perry, Gemma Duggan, September 2017

A summary of how Local Authorities and Housing Associations can better work together to build more homes.

the rise of local housing

Smith Institute, Paul Hackett, October 2017

A detailed review of the rise and potential of Local Authority Housing Companies.

The Land Question

Civitas, Daniel Bentley, November 2017

An update that builds on the ideas from the Building Homes Faster Report published in May. It looks in more detail about the removal of 'hope value' . Click here to read an update written in March 2018

2017, other reports

Building homes, creating communities

Association for Public Excellence, May 2017

This report is focused unlocking the potential of local authority house building and partnership delivery

Bricks Campaign

CEBR; a report for the National Association of Estate Agents, August 2016.

A state of of the sector analysis.

Reversing the decline of small housebuilders

House Builders Federation, Jan 2017

A comprehensive look as why and what can be done about the decline of small housebuilders.

Major land reform urged to fix UK housing crisis

FT Series UK Infrastructure, August 2017

A short analysis on the impact of land values on the ability of the public sector to provide affordable homes.

Raising the Roof, Analysis of Housing Revenue Account Headroom

Arch, NFA, Savills, November 2017

This analysis, undertaken by Savills, sets out how local authorities could deliver at least 15,000 more homes were they able to manage their HRA business plans according to the existing local government Prudential Code.

Missing Movers, A long term decline in housing transactions

CML, Neal Hudson, Brian Green, June  2017

Movement among home-owners has been declining for three decades.  This report seeks to explain why and the economic implications

Take-up on downsize: how to improve housing mobility in social housing

Family Mosaic, Reuben Young, Megan Patterson,  June 2017.

Detailed research into what is stopping housing association tenants from downsizing and what can be done.

Fixing our broken housing market

Housing White Paper, February 2017

The Goverment sets out how it wishes to build more homes of the type and in the location that meet people's aspirations.

The Ed Panel have not reviewed the HWP given the volume of published commentary. This short piece from Inside Housing by Matthew Bailles, whilst not specific to the HWP, does provide a viewpoint on the difficulty policy makers face. This blog by Ian Mulheirn offers an alternative view; he argues that there is not a chronic undersupply of housing.

Housing our Ageing Population

LGA and Housing LIN, September 2017.

A comprehensive analysis of the suitability of our current housing stock for an ageing population. It provides a number of Council case studies to demonstrate work being done to cater for future housing needs.

Square Deal on Housing

Nick Boles, MP, September 2017

Makes the case to increase the amount of land that is available to build on, speed up development and bring in new suppliers of housing. References the German model of land assembly. Suggests a bond funded Grenfell commission should build 1/2m new affordable homes.

Building Homes Faster

Civitas, Daniel Bentey, May 2017

A review of the Housing White Paper and how the land and planning framework could be changed to remove 'hope value' and thereby reduce to cost of development.

The Role of the Land Pipeline in the UK Housebuilding Process

ChamberlainWalker Economics for Barratt, Chris Walker, September 2017

The topic of ‘land banking’ has become increasingly politicised as the housing crisis has worsened. Housebuilders stand accused of not building on the land for which they have planning permission and of not building it out as quickly as they could. This report explores the issue with the benefit of new 2017 Barbour ABI data.

Disrupting the Housing Market

Localis, Jack Airey, October 2017

A series of prescriptions to help home ownership 

Another Way: How shared ownership can improve the UK housing market

Aster Group, September 2017

This report recommends that housing associations work more closely to boost the public’s understanding of shared ownership, that the application process should be improved and that a Help to Buy-style Government publicity drive should raise awareness and demand.

The Future Social Housing Provider

Flagship Group, LSE, Kath Scanlon, Christine Whitehead, Fanny Blanc, October 2017

Asks fundamental questions about what housing associations do and should do.

Building for Equality: Disability and the Built Environment

House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee, April 2017

A detailed analysis of improving house (and other buildings) design and supply for the benefit of disabled people.

HCR; Social Housing and the Good Society

HCR for WMT; James Greogry, David Mullins, Alan Murie, Pete Redman, November 2016

A report that looks at how social housing can play a part in the Webb Memorial Trust's broader remit of a society free of poverty and based on mutual respect.

Moving on

Crisis, Sarah Rowe & Tom Wagstaff, October 2017

A very detailed analysis of the costs of homelessness and how to help end it

Homes for All, extending home ownership to the low-paid

Renewal, October 2016

Looks at how to get low earners into home ownership..

safe as houses: impact of universal credit in Southwark, Croydon and Peabody

Smith Institute, October 2017

Comprehensive analysis of the impact of universal credit on rent payments and related issues in parts of London.

Home Affront: housing across the generations

Resolution Foundation, Adam Corlett & Lindsay Judge, September 2017

Looks at intergenerational changes in housing since WW2. "Young people today are four times as likely to rent privately than they were two generations ago"

Needless Demand: How a focus on need can help solve the housing crisis.

CPRE, Trinley Walker, September 2017

A report that assesses whether relying on the market means we get the wrong houses in the wrong places in terms of housing need.

Priced Out? The affordability crisis in London

IPPR; Luke Murphy, Darren Baxter, September 2017

This analysis reveals that many sub-market home ownership products on offer in the capital are in fact unaffordable and some fail to meet the aim of many households to achieve full home ownership.

The Housing Problem in London

Housing Finance Institute, Sir Mark Boleat, October 2017

A brief analysis of how to improve the supply of housing in London.

Priced Out? Affordable Housing in England

IPPR, Darren Baxter and Luke Murphy, November 2017

A follow up to IPPR review of demand outstripping supply in London which now looks at the implications across the country.

Right to Home? Rethinking homelessness in rural communities

IPPR: Charlotte Snelling, July 2017

This report examines how shortages of rural affordable housing impacts on homelessness.

Accelerating prosperity through housing in the West Midlands

Human City, WMCA and WM Futures Network, March 2017

A look at how a combined authority hopes to use housing to drive economic growth and productivity.

Power behind the home

Localis; Liam Booth-Smith, November 2016

Argues against a 'one size fits all' approach and the need to give Local Authorities greater flexibility.

The LGA housing commission final report

Local Government Association, December 2016.

A review of the additonal investment and flexibility for councils to help build affordable homes and invest in infrastructure.

Regulation of the private rented sector in Englands using lessons from Ireland

JRF; Tom Moore and Richard Dunning, April 2017

This report aims to inform policy development in housing through a study
of the different forms of regulation used in Ireland, and comparison of
their effectiveness with existing approaches in England.

Local authority direct provision of housing

National Planning Forum and RTPI. Prof Janice Morphet & Dr Ben Clifford, December 2017

A detailed look at the impact of local authorities on the provision of housing

Tenant Involvement in Governance: Models and Practices

Universtity of Birmingham, Houisng and Communities Research Group

This exhaustive report looks at a number of different models for tenant engagement.

Room to Improve

Centre for Ageing Better, November 2017

A review of how minor and major adaptions can improve a range of outcomes for people in later life.

Housing Delivery Partnerships

Trowers & Hamlins, Sara Bailey, Tonia Secker, October 2017

Looks at partnerships between the private sector, housing associations and public sector organisations with the aim of increasing the supply of new homes of all types are a vital part of the effort to tackle the housing crisis.

Ground Rents

Network Homes, November 2017.

All you need to know about ground rents

Engaging London's Private Rented Sector

Future for London, December 2017

A detailed look at London's private rent tenants, which houses a quarter of the capitals households.

How local authorities can foster investment by corporate landlords in new private rental housing

Sigma Capital, Prof Tony Crook and Prof Peter Kemp, September 2017

This report pitched the potential for residential property companies to bring development expertise and development finance to working with local authorities, which can use planning powers, land banks and long-term pension funding to cut housing shortages.

Housing - statistics & annual reviews

UK Housing Review Briefing 2017

CIH, Heriot Watt, Steve Wilcox, John Perry, Mark Stephens, Peter Williams

The annual UK housing review - which has been running for 25 years

Statistics on Housing and Planning in the UK

Office of Statistics Regulation, UK Statistics Authority, November 2017

Independent summary review of housing statistics

Housing In England: overview

National Audit Office, January 2017

A hugely useful report into the housing landscape and the current national and local government housing strategies and interaction with various public bodies. It also covers trends in housing and provides an array of relevant statistics.