Reports with a focus on housing supply v demand

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Delivering large scale housing
RTPI Joe Sarling, Richard Blyth 2013

A National Housing Fund to Build the Homes We Need
ResPublica Phillip Blond, Philip Callan, Edward Douglas 2017

Needless Demand
CPRE, Trinley Walker 2017

Building Homes Faster
Civitas Daniel Bentley  2017

The Implications of Housing Type/Size Mix and Density for the Affordability and Viability of new Housing Supply
NHPAU National Housing and Policy Advice Unit 2010

Independent Review of Build Out Rates - interim report
Sir Oliver Letwin, June 2018

Green, pleasant and affordable Why we need a new approach to supply and demand to solve Britain’s housing problem
Onward, June 2018 Neil O'Brien MP, Will Tanner 2018

Going to Scale

ResPublica Phil Callan, Phillip Blond, Edward Douglas 2016

Factors Affecting Housing Build-out Rates
Dept of Urban Studies, University of Glasgow for CLG,  February 2008  David Adams and Chris Leishman, 2008

Policy approaches for improving affordability

CACHE, Professor Geoffrey Meen, University of Reading, September 2018

Independent Review of Build Out - Final Report
Sir Oliver Letwin, October 2018

Tackling the under-supply of housing in England
House of Commons Library, Wendy Wilson, Cassie Barton, December 2018

Housing supply requirements across Great Britain for low-income households and homeless people
Crisis, NHF, Glen Bramley, December 2018

Profit before volumes
Sheffield Hallam Tom Archer, Ian Cole 2016

Bricks Campaign
CEBR 2016
Rise and Fall: The shift in household growth rates since the 1990s
Civitas, Daniel Bentley and Alex McCallum, February 2019

How to repair the housing market quickly
CWU Alex Hilton (Kristian Niemietz) 2016

Additionality of Affordable Housing
Savills, NHF, G15, HFN, April 2019

Housing and System Thinking
CaCHE, Ken Gibb and Alex Marsh, July 2019

Tackling the UK housing crisis, is supply the answer?
CaCHE, Tony Blair Institute, Ian Mulheirn, August 2019

Building More Homes
House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs

Better housing for the 21st century
The Academy of Urbanism, February 2020

UK house prices and three decades of decline in the risk‑free real interest rate
Bank of England, David Miles and Victoria Monro, January 2020

Tackling the under-supply of housing in England
House of Commons Library, Cassie Barton, Wendy Wilson, March 2020