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Renting and the Private Rented Sector Reports

This page holds reports relevant to this category within the tenure group of reports

It is in list format (rather than the front cover/headline format found in the yearly sections) to help you quickly find your area of interest. You can enter a search term in the search box. To download and search our whole database click the magnifying glass symbol above.

Lesson from Germany, tenant power in the rental marketIPPR Bill Davies, Charlotte Snelling, Ed Turner, Susanne Marquardt 2017

Engaging London's Private Rented Sector
Future for London, December 2017

An international review of the changing institutions of private rental housing.
Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, January 2018 Chris Martin, Kath Hulse, Hal Pawson

Tenancy Management
HACT Mary-Kathryn Rallings 2014

Montague report
DCLG Adrian Montague 2012

Think Small, Build Big
IPPR, Ed Turner, Luke Murphy, Bill Davies, Charlotte Snelling, December 2017

Ground Rent, do the risks outweigh the rewards?
Network Homes, November 2017, Kristian Scrase

Rethinking Tenancy Deposits
Generation Rent, March 2018, Dan Wilson Craw, Mike Seiferling

Home Improvements. Action to address the housing challenges faced by young people
Resolution Foundation, Intergenerational Commission, April 2018, Lindsey Judge and Daniel Tomlinson

Farmer Review
Cast, Mark Farmer, 2016

Apex Development's Commercial Airspace Offer
Apex, 2018

LivShare, Reclaiming the HMO
Commonweal Housing and Andy Redfern, June 2018

The Future Size and Composition of the Private Rented Sector
LSE & Shelter, May 2018, Chihiro Udagawa, Kath Scanlon and Christine Whitehead

Using incentives to improve the private rented sector: three costed solutions
JRF, March 2018, Anna Clarke and Michael Oxley

Touch and go: how to protect private renters from retaliatory eviction in England
Citizens Advice, August 2018, Caroline Rogers, Mette Isaksen and Beth Brindle

The Evolving Private Rented Sector
University of York Centre for Housing Policy, Julie Rugg and David Rhodes, September 2018

Make a House a Home
Onward, Will Tanner and Guy Miscampbell, October 2018

Investigating the effect on welfare reform on private renting
RLA, Tom Simcock, October 2018

Rent controls: lessons from international experience
Peter Williams and Christine Whitehead, October 2018

Reversing the decline of small housebuilders
HBF, 2017

Private Renting Reforms: How to evidence the impact of legislation
SPICe, Mark Livingston, Kate Berry, Kenneth Gibb and Nick Bailey, November 2018

The case for reforming private renting: Interim report
IPPR, Darren Baxter, Luke Murphy, December 2018

Common Repair Provisions for multi-owned property: a cause for concern
Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Built Environment Forum, Scotland, Douglas Robertson, January 2019

Sign on the dotted line. A new rental contract
IPPR, Darren Baxter, Luke Murphy, January 2019

Ground Rents
Network Homes, 2017

Putting Down Roots. Improving security for renting families and private landlords 
CSJ, March 2019

Forms and Mechanisms of exclusion in contemporary housing systems 
CaCHE, Jenny Preece and Emma Bimpson, June 2019

New Perspectives on Housing
The Young Foundation, Helen Goulden, John Piper, April 2018

Stakeholder Engagement on the Private Rented Sector and Changing Housing Aspirations
CaCHE, Joe Frey, May 2019

Overview of Private Rented Housing Reforms in Scotland
CaCHE, Ken Gibb, Mark Livingston and Kate Berry, May 2019

Defining and measuring housing affordability – an alternative approach
Affordable Housing Commission, June 2019

Scaling up social lettings? Scope, impact and barriers
JRF, Tom Archer, Rich Crisp, Ed Ferrari, Stephen Green, Lindsey McCarthy, Tom Moore, David Mullins, Ben Pattison, and Halima Sacranie, June 2019

Game of Homes: The rise of multiple property ownership in Great Britain
Resolution Foundation, George Bangham, June 2019

The private rented sector in the UK
CaCHE, Alex Marsh, Ken Gibb, July 2019

Alternative Housing Tenures
SPICe, CaCHE, Gareth James, Kate Berry and Alex Marks, August 2019

State of the PRS (Q1 2019). A survey of private landlords and the impact of welfare reforms
RLS, Tom Simcock, Axel Kaehne, August 2019

Rethinking allocations
CIH, September 2019

A new deal for renters? The unintended consequences of abolishing Section 21
National Landlord Association and Capital Economics, October 2019

Research into the impact of short-term lets on communities across Scotland
Scottish Government, October 2019

Rent control and the Private Rented Sector: An Analysis
RLA Pearl, Nick Clay and Dr David Smith, October 2019

‘Generation rent’ and the emotions of private renting: self-worth, status and insecurity amongst low-income renters
Housing Studies Association, Kim McKee Adriana Mihaela Soaita & Jennifer Hoolachan, November 2019

Tenant participation in the private rented sector: a review of existing evidence
CaCHE, Dr Lisa Garnham and Dr Steve Rolfe, December 2019

Resentful Renters
Centre for Policy Studies, Graham Edwards, December 2019

Why Flats Fall Down
Built Environment for Scotland, Douglas Robertson, January 2020

The impact of short-term lets
Capital Economics, Andy Evans and Roxanne Osuna, January 2020

Alternative approaches to resolving housing disputes
CaCHE, Jennifer Harris, February 2020