Local Authority and Devolution Reports

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How local authorities can foster investement by corporate landlords in new private rental housing
Sigma, Tony Crook, Peter Kemp, 2017

Building Bridges
Altair, Vivid, CIH, ARCH, Ross Fraser, John Perry, Gemma Duggan, 2017

Housing Delivery Partnerships
Towers & Hamlins, Sara Bailey, Tonia Secker, 2017

Raising the Roof, Analysis of HRA Headroom
ARCH, NFA, Savills, 2017

Local authority direct provision of housing
NPF and RTPI, December 2017,  Prof Janice Morphet & Dr Ben Clifford, 2017

A Sustainable Increase in London’s Housing Supply?
LSE London, January 2018, Kath Scanlon, Christine Whitehead & Fanny Blanc

Elphike-House Report
DCLG Natalie Elphike, Keith House 2015

Beyond Business Rates
Centre for Cities Louise McGough, Hugo Bessie 2016

New Civic Housebuilding
Shelter, Pete Jefferys, Toby Lloyd, 2016

Delivering affordable homes in a changing world
APSE, TCPA, May 2018

Housing in the North
NHCC,  2016

halfway house
The Smith Institute, Paul Hunter, 2017

Building homes, creating communities
APSE,  2017

Building for the Future The Role of County Councils in Meeting Housing Need
TCPA and the CCN, June 2018

Power behind the home
Localis, Laim Booth-Smith, 2016

The LGA housing commission final reportLGA, Martin Tett, Judith Blake, Julian German, Keith House, 2016

Acceletating Prosperity though housing in the west midlands
Human City, WMCA, WM Futures Network, 2017

County Councils & Strategic Planning: A review of current & emerging practice
CCN, June 2018, Catriona Riddell Associations, 2018

Borough Builders: Delivering more housing across London
Centre for London, Victoria Pinoncely, Mario Washington-Ihieme, July 2018

Public Housing: A London Renaissance
New London Architecture, May 2019

The 2022-2032 Affordable Housing Funding Requirement for London
Greater London Authority, G15, June 2019

Empty housing (England)
House of Commons Library, Wendy Wilson, Hannah Cromarty, Cassie Barton, July 2019

Capital Homes: Trust, design and community engagement.
Centre for London, Richard Brown, Sara Gariban, July 2019

Capital Homes: Land and Planning
Centre for London, Richard Brown, Sara Gariban, August 2019

Capital Homes: Tenure and affordability
Centre for London, Richard Brown, Sara Gariban, August 2019

Capital Homes: Finance and Delivery
Centre for London, August 2019

Act Local: Empowering London’s Neighbourhoods
Centre for London, Joe Wills, September 2019

Local authority new build programmes and lifting the HRA borrowing caps What is the potential and what are the constraints? 
CIH National Federation of ALMOs ARCH, January 2020