Homelessness and Rough Sleeping related reports

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Everybody In, How to end Homelessness in Great Britain
Crisis, June 2018, Matt Downie, 2018

Housing, planning and homelessness. Moving the conversation on.
The LGA, July 2018, , 2018

In work, but out of a home
Shelter, 2018

Third overview of housing exclusion in Europe 2018
Abbe Pierre Foundation - Feantsa, March 2018

Housing First, England
Homeless Link, Becky Rice, August 2018

Housing led solutions to rough sleeping and homelessness
CSJ, Brooks Newmark et al, 2017

European Journal of Homelessness
European Observatory of Homelessness, October 2018

Making Homeless Young People Count
Centrepoint, November 2018

NAO, 2017

Priced out
IPPR, Luke Murphy, Darren Baxter, 2017

Moving on
Crisis, Sarah Rowe & Tom Wagstaff, 2017

Homelessness and the Private Rented Sector
RLA, Manchester Metropolitan University Policy Evaluation and Research Unit, Chris O’Leary, Susan O’Shea and Kevin Albertson. November 2018

Another Way: How shared ownership can improve the UK housing market
Aster Group, September 2017

Ending Rough Sleeping: What Works? An international evidence review
Crisis, Dr Peter Mackie, Prof Sarah Johnson, Dr Jenny Wood, 2017

Homelessness in Great Britain - The numbers behind the story
Shelter, November 2018

Housing for older people
House of Common Communities and Local Government Committee, February 2018

The decline of homeownership among young adults
IFS, February 2018, Jonathan Cribb , Andrew Hood and Jack Hoyle

Using Housing First in Integrated Homelessness Strategies
St Mungos & University of York Centre for Housing Polic, Nicholas Pleace, 2018

Social Property Investment, pioneering strategies for 21st century homelessness prevention and response
Amy Varle, January 2018

Rough Sleeping Delivery Plan
MHCLG, December 2018

The Homelessness Monitor: England 2018
Crisis & JRF, April 2018, Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Hal Pawson, Glen Bramley, Steve Wilcox, Beth Watts & Jenny Wood, 2018

Home for Good: the role of floating support in ending rough sleeping
St Mungo's, February 2019

Homelessness in 2030
Y-Säätiö and Feantsa, February 2019

Rebuilding Shattered Lives
St Mungo's, March 2019

Local authority spending on homelessness 
WPI Economics, St Mungo's, Homeless link, Jamie Thunder, Christina Bovill Rose, April 2019

The Homelessness Monitor: England 2019
Crisis, Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Hal Pawson, Glen Bramley, Jenny Wood,
Beth Watts, Mark Stephens & Janice Blenkinsopp, May 2019

A safe Home; Breaking the link between homelessness and domestic abuse
Crisis, APPG for ending homelessness, May 2019

LGiU Homelessness Commission 2019: Final Report
LGiU Local Government Homelessness Commission, Andrew Walker and Alice Buszard, June 2019

Policy Briefing: Homelessness Prevention in the UK
CaCHE, Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Pete Mackie and Jenny Wood, July 2019

Bleak Houses
The Children's Commissioner, August 2019

Barriers to acceptance of housing offers by families in temporary accommodation
LSE for Camden Council, Kath Scablon, Fanny Blanc, September 2019

Safe as Houses Report: How the system is failing women and children fleeing abuse in London
Solace, October 2019

A Home For All: Understanding Migrant Homelessness in Great Britain
Crisis, Sophie Boobis Ruth Jacob and Ben Sanders, December 2019

Generation Homeless: the Numbers Behind the Story
Shelter, December 2019

This is England: A picture of homelessness in 2019
Shelter, December 2019

Assessing the impact of Housing First in Brighton and Westminster
SHUSU and St Mungo's, Katy Jones and Andrea Gibbons and Philip Brown, January 2020

50 out-of-the-box Housing Solutions to Homelessness & Housing Exclusion
Housing Solutions Platform, January 2020

Evidencing the link between the Local Housing Allowance freeze and homelessness
LGA, Zoe Charlesworth & Dr Benjamin Fell & Fabiana Macor, February 2020

Homeless Mothers: Key Research Findings
CaCHE, Emma Bimpson, Kesia Reeve and Sadie Parr, February 2020

The Homelessness Monitor: Northern Ireland 2020
Crisis and Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Fitzpatrick, S., Pawson, H., Bramely, G., Wood, J., Stephens, M., Frey, J. & McMordie, L, February 2020

Women, Homelessness and Health
Groundswell, February 2020

Knocked Back: failing to support people sleeping rough with drug and alcohol problems is costing lives
St Mungo's, February 2020

Households in temporary accommodation (England)
House of Commons Library, Wendy Wilson and Cassie Barton, March 2020

Delivering health and care for people who sleep rough: going above and beyond
The Kings Fund, March 2020

A Foot In The Door: Experiences of the Homelessness Reduction Act (2020)
Crisis, Sophie Boobis, Cuchulainn Sutton-Hamilton
and Francesca Albanese, March 2020