Poverty & Benefits related reports

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Housing and life experiences: making a home on a low income
JRF, Jospeph Rowntree Foundation, April 2018, Karen Croucher, Deborah Quilgars and Alison Dyke

Effective housing for people on low incomes in the Welsh Valleys
JRF, June 2018, Tom Archer, Stephen Green ,Ian Wilson

The impact of welfare reforms on housing associations, a scoping study
UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence, Professor Paul Hickman, Dr Ben Pattison, and Dr Jenny Preece, Sheffield Hallam University and University of Sheffield, August 2018

How should housing affordability be measured?
CACHE, Professor Geoffrey Meen, University of Reading, September 2018

Credit Emancipation: How salary-linked lending can help turn around disadvantaged place
ResPublica, Phillip Blond, Mark Morrin & Howard Reed, September 2018

Developing income-linked rents
Cambridge Centre for Housing & Planning, Michael Jones, Anna Clarke, Chihiro Udagawa, September 2018

Tackling poverty through housing and planning policy in city regions
JRF, Richard Crisp, Ian Cole, Will Eadson, Ed Farrari, Ryan Powell, Aiden White, 2017

Homes for All
Renewal, David Skelton, 2016

The impact of social housing on child development outcomes.
WINNER OF OUR ECRP PRIZE, Anya Martin, Peabody Research

Safe as Houses 2
The Smith Institute, Paul Hunter, November 2018

What's Not Working? Barriers to employment and the impact of rent and housing benefit.
L&Q, Peabody, Matthew Grenier, Anya Martin, Lucy Worrall, January 2019

safe as houses: impact of universial credit in Southwark, Croydon and Peabody
Smith Institute, 2017

Poverty and housing in the private rented sector
NHF, February 2019

The Peabody Index, tracking the experiences of low-income Londoners
Peabody, March 2019

Impact of Universal Credit – Revisited
Northern Housing Consortium, April 2019

Patching the Safety Net, measuring the impact of Universal Credit
NFA, ARCH, July 2019

Housing wealth inequalities in Scotland
CaCHE, Adriana Mihaela Soaita, Ken Gibb and Duncan Maclennan, July 2019

Housing wealth inequality in Scotland summary report
Poverty and Inequality Commission, Ken Gibb and Lindsay Judge, July 2019

From the Frontline: the ongoing impact of welfare reform
Shelter, Stephanie Kleynhans, Thomas Weekes, August 2019

Housing and life experiences: making a home on a low income
JRF, Karen Croucher, Deborah Quilgars, Alison Dyke, September 2019

Safe as Houses 3: Have government reforms to Universal Credit reduced the rent arrears of Southwark’s tenants?
The Smith Institute for Southwark Council, October 2019

The Impact of Universal Credit. Examining the risk of debt and hardship among social housing residents
Peabody, October 2019

Housing insecurity, homelessness and populism: Evidence from the UK
University of Warwick, Thiemo Fetzer Srinjoy Sen and Pedro CL Souza, December 2019

Working hard(ship). An exploration of poverty, work and tenure
Resolution Foundation, Lindsay Judge & Hannah Slaughter, February 2020