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Scroll down for the best of the papers, research pieces and policy publications from 2016. To view each report click on the front cover. If the report has been reviewed by our Editorial Panel you will see a small pencil/pad icon below the headlines and you will be taken to the review page first.

Beyond Business Rates

Louise McGough and Hugo Bessis, Centre for Cities, January 2016

This report proposes encouraging councils to develop their local economies by allowing them to keep stamp duty as well as business rates. Also covers other devolution ideas.

Town Centre Investment Zones

Liz Pearce et al, Fragmented Ownership Group, January 2016

Portas review follow up. Proposes encouraging investment in housing in town centres using enterprise zone type support.

Health begins at home

Family Mosaic, February 2016

Demonstrates NHS cost savings from providing care and support in the home for the over 50s

Are Housing Associations ready for an Ageing Population

Martin Wheatley, The Smith institute, April 2016

Considers the links between housing, health and social care and what can be done to improve them as well as challenging HA Boards to assess how they will cope with the ageing population between now and the 2030s

Building More Homes

House of Lords, Select Committee on Economic Affairs, July 2016

A comphehensive review of the state of the UK housing market and what is needed to build more homes

The Farmer Review of the UK Construction Labour Market

Mark Farmer, Cast Consultancy, October 2016

Recommends government support to improve productivity by promoting prefabricated and other modern construction methods. Takes a post Brexit view of the shortage of labour and the impact this will have on delivering the housebuilding aspirations. Highlights potential issues related to the construction worker age demographic.

A New Framework for Housing in the North

Northern Housing Consortium Commission, November 2016

Proposes better use of local intelligence, captured by public-private housing boards, to drive investment. Highlights the importance of regeneration to housing supply.

The Redfern Review

Pete Redfern with Terrie Alafat, Kate Barker, Andy Gray and Ian Mulheirn, November 2016

A real treasure trove of data and recommendations that support the proposition that a lack of long term thinking, supply issues and generational inequality is reducing home ownership. The Oxford Economics report that modelled the macroeconomic drivers of house prices and home ownership and underpins the review is also available by clicking here. The full Redfern Review can be accessed by clicking the read button

Government Housing Schemes: Accident or Design?

Chris Walker, Council for Mortgage Lenders, November 2016

Thought provoking assessment of shared ownership v help to buy, alongside a review of the current state of housing policy instruments

Going to Scale. How a National Housing Fund can Unlock Britain's House Building Capacity

Phil Callan, Phillip Blond, Edward Douglas, ResPublica, November 2016

Proposes a long-term national housing fund to deliver up to 40-75,000 homes for rent a year. The £10bn per annum fund acts as a guaranteed buyer. Ownership is shared between housing associations and the Government

How to repair the housing market quickly - a crisis response

Alexander Hilton with a counterpoint from Kristian Niemietz, July 2016

A detailed analysis and policy recommendations that cover regulation in the private rental sector and planning restrictions.

Profit before volume? Major housebuilders and the crisis of housing supply

CRESR: Tom Archer and Ian Cole,  October 2016

The impact of land banks and Help to Buy on the volume house builders' profits and supply of new build properties.


Richard Best and Jeremy Portas, June 2016

The third of the well respected series that has increased our understanding of housing our ageing population. It looks at the emotional drivers to downsizing or not.

A new settlement between government and independent housing associations

Chris Walker, Policy Exchange, September 2016

Proposes providing larger housing associations with greater devolution in return for an increase in their building rates by 3-4%, thus increasing the sector's build rate to 100,000 homes a year. Right to buy should allow part purchase

New Civic Housebuilding

Shelter, 2016

In England we are not building enough homes – and haven’t for a generation. This report argues that this problem exists because we have become reliant on one model of housebuilding: speculative housebuilding.