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Welcome to Thinkhouse was officially launched in Spring 2018 and holds a library of the best and most innovative research pieces, policy publications and case studies that propose ways to increase the amount and quality of the UK's housing stock and the related economic, social and community benefits of doing this. The reports are grouped by year and by category.  Scroll down to read about how we curate the reports or see what has recently come out.  The links above provide access to all the publications on the site including those that the Editorial Panel have selected to be showcased. To help increase awareness of our resource, please cite us in work that uses sources found on Thinkhouse. To promote new research the Panel have created an early career researcher's competition, see below or click the link in 'About' for more information. - how it works

The site is curated by an independent editorial panel.  All relevant publications, which are group by year and by category.  The Editorial Panel assess each new report to select those that they feel merit being included in the 'selected' section on each yearly page. The Editorial Panel aims to have about a dozen reports included in the 'selected' section by the end of each year.  Those reports that have made way for more highly ranked ones are listed in the 'highly commended' section. The Ed Panel base their decision on, how likely they are to influence policy makers as well as the quality of the research/evidence, the coherence of the arguments, the report format/accessibility and how innovative and practical the pieces are.  

The overall objective is to provide easy access to a few key reports and provide a home for all relevant work.  These will help inform policy makers who are engaged in understanding how we can build more and better homes and communities, improve knowledge transfer and provide evidence/ideas to drive decision making. To help increase awareness of our resource, please cite us in work that uses sources found on Thinkhouse.

To help speech writers and journalists the 'bite size facts' drop down menu includes snapshots of some interesting facts quoted reports published each year.  We have also started to trial the holding of links to international reports that provide interesting insights from around the world.  This is in beta release and can be accessed from the category menu above.  All comments and links to new reports, gratefully received.

Finally the Ed Panel write a number of blogs about recently released reports and also a review of each research year with comment on any notable gaps in that year's research.  See the 'Blogs' drop down menu.

Below you will find the most recent additions to the site.  Please alert us to any report that may have been missed or is due out soon.  You can use the search function to download a search enabled excel file of our entire database.

The site has been running since 2017 and was formally launched at the House of Lords in Spring 2018.  It has no ties to or funding from any interest or political group and reports are selected solely on merit. If you think we add value please help share what we are doing.

The Editorial Panel

The panel manage Thinkhouse

Our Ed. Panel have a mix of skills, backgrounds and experience in housing. They share a desire to see more and better homes built. The panel is chaired by Thinkhouse's founder Richard Hyde. Click on the drop down link under 'About' to view panel members. 

2018 Early Career Researcher's Prize (ECRP)

Sponsored by Altair.

The winner: Anya Martin, Research and Public Policy Officer, Peabody for her paper; The impact of social housing on child development outcomes.

The runner-up:Emily Pumford, researcher, Riverside for her paper, Understanding Government’s Attitudes to Social Housing through the Application of Politeness Theory

Click here to read these two reports and the judges comments.  Anya's report is also included on our 2018 page.

Contact us

The easiet way to get hold of us and on twitter @thinkhouseinfo.

Recently released reports

See the Year, Category or Search pages to view our library of other reports.

Learning from International examples of affordable housing

The Urbed Trust, Shelter, Nicholas Falk, Jonah Rudlin

The URBED Trust were commissioned to provide a set of case studies on affordable housing internationally, which we have presented in the form of a short report, drawing on previous visits by Nicholas Falk to some inspiring cities, and existing publications on social and affordable housing. While this is not a fully comprehensive review, we have benefitted from comments from local experts, and introductions from Dr Nicky Morrison at the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research. We hope it will encourage more visits to learn from what other cities have done to tackle similar issues to the ones we face in England.

Increasing Investment in Social Housing

Capital Economics for Shelter's Commission on the future of social housing, Justin Chaloner, Grant Coquhorn, Mark Pragnell, January 2019

Capital Economics has been commissioned by Shelter to provide robust economic analysis on public sector expenditure on housing in England in order to inform the debate on funding more social rent housing.

Baby Boomers deaths to reach peak in 2044

The Times article, Kaya Burgess, January 2019

A short but interesting piece based on an analysis of ONS data.

Building for our future: a vision for social housing

Shelter's commission on the future of social housing, January 2019

This report recommends a historic renewal of social housing, with a 20-year programme to deliver 3.1 million more social homes. This will allow the benefits of social housing to be offered much more widely – providing both security for those in need and a step up for young families trying to get on and save for their future.

Why Aren’t Housing Associations Building More Social Rented Homes?

Network Homes, January 2019 

This report examines the development finance model for housing associations and seeks to explain why housing associations cannot just turn on the social rent taps in the current policy and economic environment without putting themselves at very considerable financial risk.

Common Repair Provisions for multi-owned property: a cause for concern

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and Built Environment Forum, Scotland, Douglas Robertson, January 2019

The question this report attempts to address is what are the current arrangements for ensuring that
common repairs are undertaken within flatted property in Scotland, and are they working?


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